Be sure to pick up my Bible study guides that can be used in small groups, home Bible studies, Sunday Schools, church communities, and personal devotions.  They are designed so that experienced leaders can use and tailor the content to suit their groups, and new leaders can find all they need to lead with confidence.

Resurrecting Grace
A Bible Study Series on the Grace of Salvation

This study overlays the Easter story onto Ephesians 2 in a way to helps students understand God's grace.  The Easter story is revealed in 5 movements throughout the gospels.

     G rave                                  5-session study available in
     R esurrection                       Leader Guide and Participant Guide
     A ppearances
     C harge
     E xaltation

12 Answers that Rock this World
Exploring the World View of Jesus
through the Concern and Curiosity of the Disciples

This study helps students understand the answers Jesus gave to the disciples as they asked questions along their journey with Him in the gospel account of Matthew.  His answers give us a glimpse into His world view that should help shape a Christian's personal value system.

12-session study available in Leader Guide and Participant Guide


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