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Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum and a Smile in the New Year

I recently read Scripture at a friend’s wedding.It was an honor for me to proclaim God’s Word to the wedding party and guests.I could have declined or made excuses, and maybe even suggested someone else for the job, but weddings are exciting events!Declining was furthest from my heart.If you’ve been in a wedding, you know what I mean.
I don’t think many of us would say we participated in a wedding ‘out of the goodness of our hearts.’This is because it’s not so much a hardship as it is a privilege.And the highest privilege, being a maid of honor or best man, isn’t really about what we have to offer.It’s about who we are:someone dear to the bride or groom.

We are also dear to God – especially dear. Do we serve Him with the same readiness and enthusiasm? Or do we bring stipulations and conditions? Do we hold off until there’s a task that matches our higher skill sets? Do we wait for someone to ask for our help?

If so, then maybe I’ll be the first to say we have already been asked and it is …