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A Clarification: Do We Stick It Where It Suits Us?, Part 2

This article is a follow up to my previous post called Do We Stick It Where It Suits Us?  It’s a response mostly to alleviate my own rookie blogger mistake.  I failed to anticipate the amount of emotions generated by an article that includes the word ‘President.’  For some of you, this was perfectly fine, but it colored the message for others.
So, allow me first to apologize.  To keep the article just a little longer than a reasonable word count, I chose not to round out a couple points even though my gut told me they needed more explanation.  My points were biblically based, but I did not consider that emotionally charged words like ‘president’ or ‘government’ can compete with what I was trying to communicate.  In hindsight, I should have split the post into two articles.  I'm sorry for missing this important reality.
I will try to resolve that issue here.  Let’s start with some assumptions and general comments. My intended audience is Christians who care about their relationship …

Do We Stick It Where It Suits Us?

Many of us fail to honor and respect those who hold positions of authority.  We are sometimes more interested in how they and their organizations might serve us, rather than how we might sacrifice in the name of honor and respect.  We cry, “Injustice!,” and often decry our parents, our bosses, our schools, our safety net, our government…even each other when our allegiances don’t match.  We can fight for the oppressed, yet disintegrate the cause because we don’t honor those with the authority to improve the situation.  We can rally against discrimination, and discriminate in the process.  And, at a more basic level, we can defy our parents when all we really want is their support.  Do we cry for peace and justice while raising a fist at government, at those who disagree with us, and even at innocent bystanders?
If we don’t believe in an absolute truth and a supreme god, then maybe all of the above is okay.  We can make our own rules – rules that suit our own ideals (and cravings).  We d…