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Dig Deeper, Draw Nearer, Grow Fonder

That’s my son with me in the picture. My hope for him is that he will continually: 1. Dig deeper into the study of God's Word 2. Draw nearer to God with more understanding 3. Grow fonder of God as you see His truth unfold Dig deeper.  Draw nearer.  Grow fonder. That’s my slogan.  It is my aim and my writing will reflect that.  Why?  It is the path God designed for me.   As a small group Bible study leader, my role is to lead people to increasingly grow fond of God.  We grow fonder when we understand Him and realize how much He is involved in our lives. Dig Deeper.   It goes without saying:  the more our heart is in it (Bible study), the more we gain.  How much we learn and understand depends on how deep we dig.  I read the Bible nearly every day.  Regular Bible reading is necessary for spiritual growth, and doing so daily offers an invaluable collection of knowledge and insight.  Add to that, time spent thinking and talking to God about what we’ve

Even on Garbage Day, God Loves Us

Its garbage day but I hardly noticed when I left the house this morning. A rainbow overshadowed the trash bins. It was a delightful rainbow against an otherwise dreary sky. When we see rainbows, we probably remember that God will never flood the world again. But did you know rainbows are reminders for God Himself? He actually designed these colorful displays so He Himself would remember His promise to us and all animals. That’s right. When water is in the air, God remembers that He will never again use it to destroy all life (see Genesis 9:14-15 ). That’s how much he cares about us.  No matter how much garbage is in our lives, God loves us. God spoke this promise directly to Noah and his sons – the first generation to walk the earth after the worldwide flood. But it didn’t take long for Noah’s descendants to turn away from God and begin to generate the garbage of sin. We are people characterized by sin. Even what is surely good in our eyes is considered filth by God (see