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Am I Always Right?
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  I’m a faith blogger. I develop and lead Bible studies. I published 2 small group study guides and I’m working on a Christian non-fiction inspirational book. I spend a fair amount of time studying the Bible. God wants me to teach. I know this without doubt. But I’m also more tempered today than I was 20 years ago with the words I pen and the studies I facilitate as I consider: Am I leading people in the right direction? Am I honoring God’s Word and His character within my circle of influence? Do I represent biblical truth in ways that move people toward the true God, or do I leave them to piece together ill-conceived notions about Him? The fact is: my understanding is not perfect. It’s not even close. It's impossible to fully understand God and His truth ( Romans 11:33-36 and Isaiah55:8-9 ). We cannot compare to God. He transcends us in every way ( Isaiah40:12-26 ). And as I study and reflect, I realize there is always more to learn.   This post offers a deeper look at Li