Drifting (A Short Poem)

Hi friends. This is not my typical blog post but I want to share it because I’m sure God helped me write it. It’s a short poem. Simple, yet earnest. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Drifting I'd live, I'd laugh,
I'd hone my craft
And smile in the mirror But life and laughter
Fade to after
As fantasy turns to clearer Living and fun
Are done when done
And God longs to be dearer So, thrive with joy
Cast off decoy
Let God be God and nearer

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Honoring Authority within God’s Big Picture (Part 3):
God Adds Texture to Our Portraits with Visions of a Masterpiece

When we contemplate the canvas of life, I hope we recognize that God is the Master Painter. He determines the colors, the background, the foreground, the objects, and the goings on in His big picture. We see in limited frames, but God combines them onto a single, grand canvas, with the richness of differing perspectives, multiple art forms and mediums, and expertly woven nuances of light and dark space across and beyond varied genres and time periods.
God is the artful Master, and He profoundly captures the details of our interests, talents, and emotions within a single image. And then another that expresses a new adventure or a different struggle, and ever-maturing qualities as time elapses. All that is within our hearts, that which was before and that which is to come, are deeply impressed in our eyes as He unveils His treasure: each one of us – each individual, eternal person.
The Master Painter never overlooks the value of texture and depth. Each portrait within each frame is painte…

A Whole New World Awaits

Disney has done it again. Perfect casting and memorable songs brought to life in the newest of live-action reboots, Aladdin. I wasn’t much into the animated version, but with real people on-screen, I felt the emotion.

During the magic carpet ride, the central theme of the movie hit me. It’s a tale of identity – truly discovering who you are and becoming that person.

[There are no movie spoilers in this post and this is not a movie review, but I do give Aladdin a thumbs up.]

Each of the main characters struggled in their unique ways to live out their truest of identities. I think it's the same for us. We sometimes feel out of place or we feel the urge to go against the flow. The person we are deep inside points us to a place that is often different enough from the norm that becoming that person is an uphill climb. But I’m writing to say be brave. Be that person.
I’m not saying to be that doctor, or be that philanthropist. I’m not talking about vocations or even greater pursuits. I’m wr…

Honoring Authority within God’s Big Picture (Part 2):
God Frames Ever-Changing Hues along the Path Toward Honoring Him

Sometimes on a hike or long drive we notice changes in the landscape. Lush. Dry. Wooded. Massive. Rocky. Beautiful. Meh. (That last one is for the younger readers. 😊) These changes typically occur gradually, but sometimes the transitions are abrupt.

We experience similar changes as we journey along the path God painted into our landscapes. From frame to frame, varied backgrounds transform the scenery and our circumstances change. Sometimes these adjustments are difficult. Sometimes they take us by surprise.

This is how it was for David as a young man, and even as a king. God painted his path with ever-changing hues. In faith, David navigated the terrain, no matter how long, no matter how difficult.

[This is post 2 of a 3-part series on honoring our authorities within God’s big picture. Read post 1 here.]

God’s big picture makes perfect sense to God, of course, but often not to us because we view it frame by frame. We don’t always get to see around the corner, but we can follow the turn a…