Boarding and Deboarding Noah's Ark
The Ride of Your Life!
(Episode 1: The Story of Our Lives)

  Come with me for a ride on the world’s most famous ark: “Noah’s Ark.” The story of Noah’s Ark may seem fantastical, but it really happened. We may retell it as history, but it’s relevant today. It may feel like it’s about punishment, but it’s about deliverance. We may claim it’s only for the Jews, but it’s for everybody, including you and me. It’s the ride of our lives! Maybe we’ve heard the story enough but there is something for everybody in this limited series of 8 episodes. Get ready for a story of desperation, deliverance, patience, judgment, faith, integrity, hope, worship, obedience, approval, eternal life, denial, sin, love, and sacrifice. It is the story of our lives. The events of Noah and the Ark are recorded in Genesis 6-9 which is the basis for this series. We’ll journey from sunny skies to beyond the rainbow. But, like many series you might enjoy on TV, we’ll start at the end and then see how the story unfolded in subsequent episodes.   Episode 1: The Story of O

It Is Finished!

A darkness fell upon the land. It was noontime. Three hours later, a cry: “My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?” No one would rescue him, his mouth so parched he scarcely swallowed. “I’m thirsty,” he pleaded, so they allowed a drip of vinegar – just enough to moisten his lips as he declared, “It is finished!” It was his last breath. He bowed his head and died. But then the earth shook! Tombs opened! And all mankind gained the opportunity to interact directly with God as His children! You already know this is about Jesus. He gave up His life when He proclaimed, “It is finished” ( John 19:28-30 ). Some scoffed while He hung on the cross: “You were going to destroy the temple and rebuild it in 3 days. Come down from the cross and save yourself!” But they didn’t understand that Jesus spoke of His own body. They didn’t realize that Jesus invited them to destroy His body 3 years before they crucified Him ( John 1:18-22 ). This happened according to God’s well-thought, compassio


  Jesus. It’s a name that represents different things to different people. The name is spoken softly and also exclaimed. It’s used to call upon and it’s used to curse.   What does the name Jesus mean to you? Come with me as we consider who this Jesus is as explained in God’s holy Word…   It’s a new year and we’re looking back on the Christmas season when we possibly hear the name Jesus the most. It’s when we imagine Jesus as a baby born in a manger  ( Luke 2:7 )  similar to the nativity scene pictured above. There was nothing notable about his parents, Joseph and Mary – nothing special about them in their society, anyway. But they were faithful to God and God chose them ( Matthew 1:18-25 , Luke 1:26-38 ). Jesus, on the other hand, was very special. He was formed by God inside the womb of a virgin ( Luke 1:26-38 ). He was the one who gave God’s people hope for hundreds, even thousands of years. He was prophesized to be their Messiah, their Deliverer, their “Wonderful Counselor

Yielding to the Holy Spirit to Accomplish Great Things
(Gaining a Boldness Like Peter's, Part 3 of 3)

  Why are we still here on earth? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a grand get-together in Heaven with our God? Yes, but wouldn’t it be better if it were grander, with more of our friends and family present, and others we may meet? Well, that’s why we haven’t had our grand gathering yet. God wants more people to enjoy it with Him ( 2 Peter 3:9 and 15 ). This really speaks to our purpose on earth: As a unified body, preach and teach the gospel, and help people follow Jesus well, so they in turn will do the same ( Matthew 28:19-20 , Acts 1:8 ). The Disciples wanted to head straight to the grand get-together, too. They’d been waiting for God’s kingdom for far too long. They were ready for the resurrected Jesus to begin His great reign and free them from their uncomfortable lives after generations of war and oppression. “Yes, Jesus. Let it be now,” they yearned. But it wasn’t now. This is what Jesus told them: “It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own