Do We Value Others?
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                       Violence       Rage         Manslaughter       Murder                                     Trafficking     Slavery       Exploitation                                           Oppression             Injustice                              Defrauding            Harassment       Abuse                         Threats        Bullying            Intimidation      Slander   These are everyday terms! We know what they mean: sometimes too well. We can probably add to the list. I wish we couldn’t. God doesn’t like it and it hurts us individually and as a society. It hurts us at many levels, including spiritual.   This post offers a deeper look at Life Pursuit 1 in The Most Important Life Pursuits . Life Pursuit 1 is: Recognize that everyone is valuable . One year after COVID-19 directed us to look at others with compassion, do we value people any more than we did before? Judging by what’s going on in the world, maybe not. Do we need to be told that everyone

The Most Important Life Pursuits
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I’ve been a Christian for 40 years and I was not always productive. I put time and resources into things that were not that important. I should’ve spent my days on more worthwhile endeavors…for life on this earth and for all eternity. Much is worthwhile, but I'm sharing my short list - those things that demand our attention, our very best efforts, and our most costly sacrifices (1 Corinthians 10:23). Don’t be like me. Pay attention to these things now. What follows are endeavors I consider to be critically important. In subsequent posts, I’ll offer more detail. For now, we’ll stay high level because I don’t want us to miss the forest for the trees. Let’s spend time considering what’s important to us and whether it’s also important to God. Here are four endeavors I call “life pursuits” that matter more than most other pursuits. ꟷꟷꟷꟷꟷ Life Pursuit 1: Recognize that everyone is valuable Deep down, we know everyone has value, but do we believe it and live it? Honestly spe

Embrace Difficulty in the Promise of Christmas

    Christmas may be a little different this year. The Christmas season may always be hard for some of us, but this year that may be true for many more because 2020 was a difficult year, and Christmas may not seem so merry. Can we still “gather around” in joyful celebration, or will peace on earth fall short this year? This will be the first time in about 12 years my family will not enjoy a white Christmas…     Spending Christmastime in the snow, at a place fondly named God’s playground, has become a family tradition with us. Whatever we could do in the snow, we’ve done it over the years. We’ve also spent Christmas Sundays in our home church away from home, and Christmas Eves singing carols by candlelight in another favorite church. We’ve grown used to recalling the Christmas story while overlooking snow-capped trees and snow-covered mountains. This year COVID infections and the lack of available hospital beds forced us to shelter in place. We can’t leave the house except for s

Thankful In 2020 (God Is My God)

  2020 has been a year of change, difficulty, loss, and unrest. Thankfulness is not in that list, but we are thankful – we try to be, anyway – because God is our God. This post is an autobiographical review of the last several months and I express my gratitude for our God who never withholds His favor towards His people. It’s easy to trudge along and overlook Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving is always worth a pause. Will you join me in giving thanks to our loving God?   When COVID-19 hit hard, our IT team hurried to make working at home a reality for our busy public health department. We did it. We deployed significant successes. Though some employees still go to the office, we’ve become very capable in our homes. Many of us have different stories with financial hardship and loss. But God is our God. He favors us even when life is hard to bear. Thank you, Lord, for providing for my family and for meeting our every need. Thank you especially for nurturing us as we grow in differ