My Videos

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I made a few videos in the earlier part of the COVID-19 shelter-in-place. I originally created them for the kids program at my church.

Turns out grown-ups enjoyed them, too, so I decided to post them on my own channel so they're easier to find. Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

These videos are for kids, but they are appropriate for grown-ups, too, so don't be shy. Turn up the volume and click play.

God Is Awesome!
No one can do what God can do. He put the ocean in a sea shell. We can join the heavens and the skies and tell others how awesome He is.

We might get tired of doing our homework, household chores, and many other must-do things. If we want to put a smile on God's face, work hard, because we're doing it all for Him.

We face giants - even unbeatable giants. But we can have brave faith that inspires others.


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