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The Most Important Life Pursuits
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I’ve been a Christian for 40 years and I was not always productive. I put time and resources into things that were not that important. I should’ve spent my days on more worthwhile endeavors…for life on this earth and for all eternity. Much is worthwhile, but I'm sharing my short list - those things that demand our attention, our very best efforts, and our most costly sacrifices (1 Corinthians 10:23). Don’t be like me. Pay attention to these things now. What follows are endeavors I consider to be critically important. In subsequent posts, I’ll offer more detail. For now, we’ll stay high level because I don’t want us to miss the forest for the trees. Let’s spend time considering what’s important to us and whether it’s also important to God. Here are four endeavors I call “life pursuits” that matter more than most other pursuits. ꟷꟷꟷꟷꟷ Life Pursuit 1: Recognize that everyone is valuable Deep down, we know everyone has value, but do we believe it and live it? Honestly spe