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Food Is Good, but Jesus Is Better

Have you ever tried fasting?  I mean fasting as an intentional step toward a deeper relationship with God or greater dependence on Him.  I understand there are many reasons to intentionally fast – some spiritual in nature and others legitimately not spiritual, like for the purposes of medical lab work.  This blog post is about my experience with an intentional fast for the purpose of depending more on God.  I imagine our experiences will differ, so this blog is not a lesson as much as it is an account.  It is also not a commentary or exegesis of Bible passages about fasting.  It is an expression of my own personal experience and results. So why did I fast?  I led a study on fasting.  It was the closing session of a series on a healthy spiritual diet.  So, on one hand, I did what a leader should do.  I led by example.  (Leaders:  Our message is superficial if we don’t lead by example.  Enough said.  Different topic.)  But I also fasted to experience firsthand how Jesus, the “B

Arms of Love Never Let Go

“I didn’t do anything that any of my co-workers wouldn’t have done.” That’s what the Bridge Tender said about his act of heroism when he prevented a man from committing suicide. He held the man in his arms and didn’t let go until he knew he was safe. What you are about to read is a story of everyday heroism. Everyday, but not mundane or insignificant. Heroes are selfless and sacrificial. You will also read about an act of heroism that occurred over 2,000 years ago. In this post, you will read about Jesus, the ancient hero who remains the hero people unwittingly crave today, and who will prove to be a hero for all eternity. And you will read about God, His Father, the one whose arms never tire and never let go.  God’s embrace follows up Jesus’ sacrifice.  It offers the surety that the salvation we receive through faith in Jesus will not fade, but is secured from history past thru eternity future. (What follows can be read aloud to a group. It is a Gospel presentation and a c