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A Not-So-Typical Family Vacation

It could’ve been a trip like any other, but Shauna and her family didn’t take the usual vacation. Instead, they assembled their family and friends to spend time with strangers, and they made memories for many in the process. This is because their vacation was eye-opening, heart-expanding, and life-changing. They built a house for a family in need and, more importantly, they demonstrated to this family and to themselves how profound a life with Jesus can be when it involves sacrifice. Shauna, her husband, and their two boys, along with her parents, her brother, and family friends, sacrificed five days of their lives to serve on a Homes of Hope team in Mexico. Homes of Hope (HOH) is a ministry of Youth With A Mission ( YWAM ) who have been inviting youth into international missions work for 60 years! Shauna told me how great the trip was for her family and the family they served, and I want to share their experience with you. Below is an interview with her. Hi Sh

Drive Beyond the Crossing of Hope and Holiness

God’s gift of eternal life is worth celebrating. Our freedom from the leash of sin is better than any other freedom. The love and adoration we enjoy from our Heavenly Father is comforting beyond measure. Praise God for His ever-reaching mercy and grace. But the Christian life is not all fun and games. God didn’t intend for us to stop at celebration. When we start off on the road called Hope, we should quickly merge onto the road called Holiness. Do we Christians and faith communities (and even churches) cruise up and down Hope and steer away from Holiness? Do we celebrate and thank God for His forgiveness, glibly excusing our humanness as that part of life God no longer holds against us? God expects more. We’re not only saved because it’s good for us. We’re also saved to sacrifice for God. Timothy wrote that God “saved us and called us to a holy life” ( 2 Timothy 1:5-10 ). And, of course, we remember Romans 12:1: …I urge you…in view of God’s mercy, to offer you