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Thankful In 2020 (God Is My God)

  2020 has been a year of change, difficulty, loss, and unrest. Thankfulness is not in that list, but we are thankful – we try to be, anyway – because God is our God. This post is an autobiographical review of the last several months and I express my gratitude for our God who never withholds His favor towards His people. It’s easy to trudge along and overlook Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving is always worth a pause. Will you join me in giving thanks to our loving God?   When COVID-19 hit hard, our IT team hurried to make working at home a reality for our busy public health department. We did it. We deployed significant successes. Though some employees still go to the office, we’ve become very capable in our homes. Many of us have different stories with financial hardship and loss. But God is our God. He favors us even when life is hard to bear. Thank you, Lord, for providing for my family and for meeting our every need. Thank you especially for nurturing us as we grow in differ