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Boarding and Deboarding Noah's Ark
The Ride of Your Life!
(March 2024)

Episode 7 of an 8-part limited series about Noah's Ark and why it's the ride of our lives. God offers life! Step aboard. Come to the cross.

Silvery green leaves of a Silverleaf Phacelia radiate across the ground covering the entire image
Boarding and Deboarding Noah's ArkThe Ride of Your Life!
(December 2023)

Episode 6 of an 8-part limited series about Noah's Ark and why it's the ride of our lives. God cares about life - animal life and especially human life.

Boarding and Deboarding Noah's Ark
The Ride of Your Life!
(November 2023)

Episode 5 of an 8-part limited series about Noah's Ark and why it's the ride of our lives. God has never-ending compassion for all people in all generations.

Boarding and Deboarding Noah's Ark
The Ride of Your Life!
(August 2023)

Episode 4 of an 8-part limited series about Noah's Ark and why it's the ride of our lives. Noah worshiped in a way that pleased God. How can we do the same?

A field of dried up brown sunflowers against a blue sky
Episode 3: Islands & Lifelines
Boarding and Deboarding Noah's Ark
The Ride of Your Life!
(June 2023)

Episode 3 of an 8-part limited series about Noah's Ark and why it's the ride of our lives. We are not islands unto ourselves, but we can be lifelines through our faith.

Tide waters covering hard-packed sand and kelp meandering through crevices in the sand
Boarding and Deboarding Noah's Ark
The Ride of Your Life!
(April 2023)

Episode 2 of an 8-part limited series about Noah's Ark and why it's the ride of our lives. Mankind was in a desperate situation and couldn't save themselves from Flood waters.

Water spouting from a blowhole in the foreground with a beautiful Hawaiian ocean in the background

Episode 1: The Story of Our Lives
Boarding and Deboarding Noah's Ark
The Ride of Your Life!
(March 2023)

Episode 1 of an 8-part limited series about Noah's Ark and why it's the ride of our lives.God is waiting for some to board and the rest of us to deboard. 

Completed Puzzle
It Is Finished!
(January 2023)

Jesus completed all the pieces to the puzzle of eternal life. It is finished and there is nothing left for us to do. There are no more pieces to the puzzle. The work of salvation is complete. 

(January 2023)

Jesus. Who is He? Who is He to you and me? Why is He important? A look back at the Jesus of Christmas. 

A panoramic view of a highway along rural greenery heading into the horizon with a blue sky and clouds above

Yielding to the Holy Spirit to Accomplish Great Things:
Gaining a Boldness Like Peter's, Part 2 of 3
(June 2022)

Yielding to the Holy Spirit enables us to share the gospel with boldness and accomplish great things for God. 

Looking up amongst tall redwood trees into a blue sky
Recognizing the Greatness of the Resurrected Savior:
Gaining a Boldness Like Peter's, Part 2 of 3
(April 2022)

When we recognize the awesomeness of the resurrection of our Savior, we gain courage to speak up for and on behalf of Him.  

Sun rays break through clouds above a snowy meadow at Yosemite Valley
(March 2022)

We follow Jesus because He secures us with hope. It's easy to slip into our comfort zones instead of sharing the good news about Jesus. But our hope can help us to be more bold.

Cross overlooking canyon at Waimea Canyon State Park in Hawaii
Trust Jesus. It's Time,The Most Important Life Pursuits, Part 5 of 5 (September 2021)

God saved me. If He hadn't, I may have missed out on the best gift ever. This is a FOMO that truly matters. 

Man walking in an art gallery while trying to align with the action of a wood sculpture of a man walking
Align with God, The Most Important Life Pursuits, Part 4 of 5 (August 2021)

Do we truly purpose to follow God and please Him? Do we step into each day with faith, humility, and sacrifice in order to carry out God's plan for our lives?

Image of presenter's slide entitled Why I'm Right and You're Wrong listing 4 bulleted reasons but the slide has a big red X indicating that we shouldn't talk this way

Am I Always Right?,The Most Important Life Pursuits, Part 3 of 5 (June 2021)

We should not be adamant about their opinions. We can never compare to God and our opinions could be wrong.

Overlook of metropolitan Los Angeles in California
The Most Important Life Pursuits, Part 2 of 5 (March 2021)

Do we need to be told that everyone is valuable? This post is a reflection on the value of people, how important they are to God, and what God expects of us on the matter. 

Photo of Stephen De La Vega standing next to the spines of books that are larger than life. Most prominent book is title "Life."
The Most Important Life Pursuits, Part 1 of 5 (February 2021)

The beginning of a 5-part series featuring 4 endeavors I consider to be critically important. This first post is a 30,000-foot overview of all 4 endeavors I call “life pursuits.” I believe these 4 matter more than most other pursuits.


A look back at the difficult year of 2020 and how a young lady managed a very tough life. How did Mary, the mother of our Savior, embrace a difficult national and spiritual journey during her 9-month pregnancy? How did she maintain clarity and focus as she looked forward to the first Christmas?

An autobiographical review of 2020 woven with prayers of thanksgiving and praise.

3 picture collage: Alynda in a face mask, privacy curtain in Alynda's hospital room, and air purifier in Alynda's hospital room
I Had COVID-19 (August 2020)

An interview with an Energizer Bunny who fought COVID-19 for a month yet maintained focus on God and the spiritual needs of those around her. Alynda's story is a physical and spiritual victory story. 

Shaking Ground (July 2020)

We have learned much during these months of fighting the coronavirus and racial injustice. We have changed and we anticipate a new normal. Let us not forget we are in a spiritual battle for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Looking up into the dome of the California State Capitol MuseumLive Justified (June 2020) 

In light of injustice we consider Jesus, who lived a righteous life but was treated and killed as a criminal. But he did this for us. Because of injustice toward Him, we can live justified, with hope of a privileged future.

Steam rising from a beautiful, colorful hot spring

We're angry. Is it right to respond to injustice with rage and violence? Read about how Jesus responded in His anger during a scene that's often read with an air of justified rage. Also read about my own personal unjust encounter with the police.

Bible opened to John chapter 1
John Chapter 2 and 3, a Rhyming Paraphrase (May 2020)

A Seuss lover's treat. The entire second and third chapters of the Gospel of John in rhythmic, rhyming meter. This is a continuation of John 1, a Rhyming Paraphrase from December 2017).

When we remained connected to Jesus we flourish with forever fruit and we proceed with powerful prayers. And when we remain rooted in Him, we also live in unity with our fellow spiritual brothers and sisters.

Massive rhinoceros standing on grass
Goliath! (March 2020)

How do we stand against threats and difficulties that seem larger than life? How should we respond when Goliath challenges us face-to-face? Do we shrink in defeat, or do we rise with confidence in the LORD of hosts?

An interview with Shauna, a mom took a not-so-typical family vacation. They spent time on a short-term missions trip to build a house for a family in need. Read about their experience.

The Christian life is not all fun and games. God didn't intend for us to stop at celebration. When we start off on the road called Hope, we should quickly merge onto the road called Holiness. do we cruise up and down Hope and steer away from Holiness? I hope not.

An interview with my father about a very serious doctrine that we must understand and cannot take for granted. Let us teach that Jesus Himself died on the cross, because our eternity destiny depends on it. 

Close up of a few branches of a Christmas tree adorned with beautiful, glowing ornamentsA Gift for Jesus (A Short Poem) (December 2019)

A poem that asks us to consider what gift we will give to Jesus at Christmas time.

Empty highway curving through the red mountains of Sedona, Arizona
Own the Road, It Was Paved for You (October 2019)

As a guest writer for One Lost Coin, I wrote about being confident in what God wants me to do in service for Him, but also being easily distracted. Ministry opportunities are everywhere, but God paved a special road for each of us. We can do other things, but does God want us to do them?

Nine foot tall structure made out of toothpicks that depicts landmarks and significant icons of San Francisco from 1974 to 2011, built by Scott Weaver. Structure has multiple paths that ping pong balls roll down to highlight San Francisco themes and eras.
Details Beg Us to Go Deeper (September 2019)

How precious are God's thoughts toward us! Read about this as we take a closer look at the incredible mating habits of the puffer fish. Are we ready to live for Him?

Metal gate entrance way between two large dark stone walls

Read about hiking the more rigorous trails and entering the narrow gate. The narrow gate is the way to life. JESUS is the Narrow Gate and He welcomes us to be with Him where we will find unimaginable blessings.

River flowing away through foliage and trees with a blue, cloudy sky in the background

A poem expressing an earnest struggle to be live with joy in the nearness of God (authentic Christian living).

When we understand we're in God's big picture, we allow him to lead us. But as we journey, we sometimes go off course. God, as the master painter, is ready to paint us back onto the right path as He paints us into a masterpiece.

A close-up of far-away space displaying orange and white nebula and many stars

Disney's Aladdin dreamed of a whole new world as he rode that magic carpet. God can show us the world, but He may not. But He wants to give us a whole new world instead, an eternal world with Him.

Interior of inflatable art sculpture with people walking through multi-colored tunnels

Situations change. Sometimes they don't change in our favor. How do we respond when this happens? How do we respond when the change equates to injustice?

Large toddler-sized chess pieces on a giant chess board

There is a bigger picture and God is the Painter. He is painting a masterpiece and He painted us in the picture. In this first part of a trilogy, we notice that God not only painted us onto the canvas. He also painted our authorities: parents, spouses, teachers, church leaders, employers, government authorities, etc. What is our responsibility toward those authorities? (This is Part 1 of 3 of a rewrite of 2 older posts from October 2017 about our responsibilities toward authorities.)

Boy lying on concrete inside body outline made of red dixie cups, other boys looking but only their feet are visible

A Valentine's Day message of love to those who may be in a tough situation or a dark place.

"We don’t need to let the grip of despair or defeat drag us down. When we place our trust in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, we will be free to live with our heads up and our strides surefooted."

Pair of tom tom drumsPa Rum Pum Pum Pum and a Smile in the New Year (January 2019)

We honor God by offering ourselves as living sacrifices. Romans 12 teaches us that all we can give to God comes from Him.

young boy in a beanie and ski jacket holding a giant snow ball. His mouth is open with excitement and a smile
Christmas Is About Joy! (December 2018)

Christmas is about joy because a Savior was born. Jesus came as a baby, not a King, so we can be close to Jesus who offers to have a personal relationship with us.

My 2nd and 3rd nominations for the Sunshine Blogger Award, a peer recognition for bloggers across all genres who inspire "positivity and joy." I answer 11 questions of those who nominated me, and I also nominate 11 more bloggers and ask them 11 questions of my own. This is a celebration and a getting to know you kind of post.

A typical Christian life may not include a dramatic salvation testimony or lead to a vastly popular ministry. We don't need to feel like we've failed if we're not well-known. We're successful when we follow God as He leads.

We can employ the same wisdom as Solomon did because the wisdom came from God. But how? Read about who Solomon was before he became known for his wisdom.

Inumerous sunflowers in a field at sunset which is the image used to indicate the Sunshine Blogger Award
Sunshine Blogger Award (October 2018)

I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award, a peer recognition for bloggers across all genres who inspire "positivity and joy." I answer 11 questions of the one who nominated me, and I also nominate 11 more bloggers and ask them 11 questions of my own. This is a celebration and a getting to know you kind of post.

We need to step out of our comfort zones because we can't fully thrive inside of them. Find out how Norman, a yellow Labrador, stepped outside of his comfort zone.

Line of hikers crossing a river using a rope bridge
Follow the Leader (September 2018)

Paul was a man on a mission. God has a mission for us as well. Take time to consider: On what new adventure does God want us to embark?

In Why I Write, Part 1, I wrote about how God called me to teach and write. In this Part 2, I explain that we can be confident that God will bless His work as we follow through with His plan.

God put the ocean in the shells. Since He did that, how can we begin to understand Him and His ways. We can't. God transcends us in every way. (This post also includes a short discussion on the Jewish prayer called the Shema.)

We can know God's specific plan for our lives. God orchestrates astounding circumstances that involve us and also coincide with His plan. Recognizing that is exciting as we journey through the lives God planned for each of us.  

A special message for fathers on Father's Day. A father may be Superman to his young kids, but Superman exists only as long as his child's imagination will embrace him. So what’s a father to do? It’s hard to fit the job description. We have empty loops in our tool belts. We can’t conjure the muscles to fill the entire six pack.

When we resist God, we bring unnecessary hardship to our lives. Read about the hardship Shrek, a Merino sheep, brought on himself when he resisted the care of his shepherd.

Multiple yellow tulips standing tall with a single violet tulip amidst them
Tulips, Transformation, and Team Blogging (May 2018)

We can accomplish much more in service to God when we do it together. God created each of us with unique insights and abilities to serve others and each other.

Whether we realize it or not, we have biases and prejudices, and they affect how we interact with people. We can learn how to see people differently, as Jesus sees them. Let's take some time for deep personal reflection.


2 photos of a man spliced together showing a normal upper head matched with a lower head that is a zombie hockey player

God's Word is true and the world system is at work to persuade us otherwise, but we have reason to live out God's truth with confidence. 

How do we measure up as Christians? 1 John helps us understand some key characteristics of authentic Christians. 

Doorstep with a dog's leash next to a welcome mat

Because God removed the chains that bound us to sin, we are set free to give back to Him.  We are born into a new family and a new life, and we have the privilege to bear God’s family name with honor.

Read about my family and my blessing of a godly heritage. May I carry on this rich legacy.

A tribute to the amazing grace of our precious Savior, Jesus Christ, God's Son. A celebration of His resurrection that is perfect to read at Easter time and all throughout the year.

When we push through in our impatience, what does it really buy us? Probably nothing but debt to those we offend. Consider who we are in relation to God as we explore patience through Solomon's eyes.

Emmanuel, God with Us...Still (January 2018)

We celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas time, but in the New Year, it's easy to forget about Him. But He is still with us.

The Christmas Story Began with a Forerunner (December 2017)

John the Baptist was born before Jesus. Why is John the Baptist in biblical history?

John 1, a Rhyming Paraphrase (December 2017)

A Suess-like rhyming version of the Gospel of John chapter 1. Full chapter.

Snow-covered shore alongside a beautiful lake with a blue sky, mountain range, and snow-frosted tree
Whiter Than Snow (December 2017)

The good news of Jesus illustrated by snowflakes.
We can be washed whiter than snow.

What is at the core of every glistening snowflake?

A clarification of the previous post about our responsibility toward those who hold authority over us. This post adds some necessary perspective. 

A look at our responsibility toward those who hold authority over us from the example of David, the King and Psalmist.

Articles and studies about forgiveness are everywhere, but maybe not many of them approach it from the viewpoint of the offender. It is revolutionary to forgive for the benefit of the offender, but that is what Jesus taught.

My experience with a 35-hour fast: why I fasted and what I gained.

The good news of Jesus' love. He never let's go. God's loving arms illustrated by the sacrifice of a bridge tender.

An explanation of my slogan, Dig Deeper, Draw Nearer, Grow Fonder. Dig deeper into the study of God's Word. Draw nearer to God with more understanding. Grow fonder of God as you see His truth unfold.

God created the rainbow to remind Himself of His compassion for mankind, despite the fact that we continue to disappoint Him.


My blog site started on the day I published my first post on June 17, 2017, one month after I published my first small group Bible study guide called Resurrecting Grace on March 10, 2017.


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