John Chapter 2 and 3, A Rhyming Paraphrase

Bible opened to Gospel of John

I enjoyed how my rhyming paraphrase of John 1 told the story of Jesus in vibrant yet plain language, so I had to continue rhyming John 2 and 3. If you didn't read John 1, start there. Then come back to read Chapters 2 and 3.

I wrote all three chapters in a fun meter so it might help engage the kids in your life (including the big ones). In the second and third chapters of John, Jesus began performing miracles, explaining He is the Savior, and foretelling His resurrection. Through Him we may have eternal life. John the Baptist announced Jesus' coming in Chapter 1, and in Chapter 3 he announced His salvation.

On to the rhymes and the truth about eternal life...

The Gospel of John
Chapter 2 - He Who's the Son

A wedding occurred a couple days later.
Guests one and guests all, with joy the host catered.
Among those who came
Was Jesus acclaimed,
And men of His crew.
His mother came, too.

And wouldn't you know, they drank all of the wine.
But watch God's dear Son as He gives them a sign.
His mother did ask
He rise to the task.
Tho' not the right place,
No time did He waste.

"Fill jars with water," He commanded the team,
And those jars were big, oh, as big as can be.
The host took a drink
And stopped to bethink,
'This tasty new glass
Was saved for the last?'

A miracle, yes, all the servants knew well.
A miracle, sure, and they're sure to retell.
From water to wine,
It's surely a sign
That Jesus is God,
And God to applaud.

The host did proclaim to the groom his surprise,
While guests drank new wine with new joy in their eyes.
This, just the first,
Of proof God's on earth.
His message is true.
Now His people knew.

From there Jesus went to Capernaum town.
He stayed for three days just before heading down
With mom and His men
To celebrate when
God spared the first born
Of those He forewarned.

At Jerusalem, there inside temple courts,
He saw money changed and the selling of sorts.
"The temple, you use
For such an abuse!
Of God's holy place
You've made a disgrace!"

"Don't take advantage of those who will worship.
Hearts of devotion need not make a purchase."
He crafted a whip
And, with a sure grip,
Dispelled He the wrongs
That didn't belong.

He drove out the doves, and the cattle and sheep,
And tossed all the money. He made a clean sweep.
The Jews were distraught,
So answers they sought,
"What gives you the right
For such an ill plight?"

Now, when He answered, it raised an odd subject.
He'd rebuild the temple? Um, that's a bit suspect.
"Destroy it," He said,
"Destroy every thread.
Within just three days
The temple I'll raise."

They reasoned it took forty-six years to build.
How then could His claim ever so be fulfilled?
The temple is Him,
They'd crucify grim.
But after He dies,
He then would arise.

And when He does rise, His men would recall,
He said it back then, and said it to all.
They'd believe e'en more.
His words are for sure.
It's true. He's the One.
He's God's only Son.

As people stood near and saw all He had done,
They thought they believed but their hearts were not won.
For some come and go
Like wind to and fro.
A much deeper trust;
Their's must be robust.

Chapter 3 - He Who's the Savior

Now there was a man they call Nicodemus,
A lead Pharisee with questions for Jesus.
He snuck out at night,
Called Jesus Rabbi,
And said without fraud,
"I know you're from God."

"If you want to learn," Jesus said to the man,
"You need to be born - born again, yes, again."
"But how can that be?,"
This man urged his plea,
"I'm already born.
Oh, now I'm forlorn."

So, Jesus explained how this new birth takes place,
"A birth not of flesh, no, that's just not the case.
It's spiritual birth,
Not one of this earth.
You don't know this news,
Yet you teach the Jews?"

And Jesus went on, "Telling truth is our aim,
Yet you don't accept the good news we proclaim.
The truth we confirm
In simplest of terms.
Now you must believe,
To heart, let it cleave."

"I will be captured and crucified wrongly,
But all can believe - believe in Me strongly.
For everyone's sick,
And death can be quick,
But we can be healed -
Eternally sealed."

"God loved the world so, that He gave up His Son,
And those who believe, yea, their death is undone.
They no longer die,
And this is no lie.
No, they will have life -

"God sent not His Son to this world to condemn.
He sent His Son here to give new life to them.
Believe as you ought:
Condemned you are not.
Reject in your heart:
New life cannot start."

"It's so important to believe in God's Son.
He's not just His Son. He's God's only dear one.
So here is the truth.
There's no need to sleuth.
We walk in the light,
Or wander at night."

"People love darkness, for it hides the dark sins.
But what they don't know is that nobody wins.
They love their bad ways.
They don't love the day,
For it shows the dark -
The dark in their hearts."

"But if we are true, we come into the light,
And all those who watch, they see people upright.
We walk true to God
Without a facade.
We live in plain view.
God sees that we're true."

Next, journeyed Jesus to a countryside north.
His men went there too. They spent time and so forth.
They baptized, they did.
Lo, they were amid
John baptizing too.
Yes, John too. Who knew!?

Of course, Jesus knew, when he went to Aenon,
For there was a truth John's team had to lean on.
They argued about
Who had all the clout.
"How can this man, too,
So baptize like you?"

"You don't understand," John replied and explained.
"I'm called to declare, as God surely ordained:
Messiah is He,
Above you and me.
Yes, joy fills my soul,
As He gets the glow."

He comes from above, and He's so above all,
But we are from earth, oh, we may as well crawl,
Because He is great.
There is no debate.
But few have believed,
So, few have received.

God sent me to speak, so speak I will do.
Please take it to heart. This truth's meant for you.
Reject God's true Word:
Your death is uncured.
Believe who God sent:
Your life will not end.

Go here to read chapter 1.

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  1. An interesting way to learn the stories of the Bible. :-)

    1. Writing this post surely helped me understand the stories better. I wonder what it must've been like for the actual Bible authors to think through everything they wrote - every word.

  2. Great way to engage with scripture!

    1. I'm glad it can be used by some people. Thank you for reading and sharing.

  3. Stephen, have you thought about getting an illustrator and turning these into books for parents to read to their kids? There's a Dr. Seuss lilt to your poetry in the Bible passage stories. These rhymes are great! Good work!

    1. Hi Melinda. Thank you for your kind words and Seuss-ish is what I was going for. Illustrating and publishing in books is something in the back of my mind. I intentionally held off until after I finish the first 3 chapters because it is much more complete that way. Hmm...

    2. I really like this idea as well. I know a Christian artist with a Seuss- like flair, if you're interested. I love all three of these!

    3. Thank you, Candice. If and when I get far enough down that road, I will check in with you about the artist.

  4. What a great idea to engage kids in the scriptures! I'd love to see these in book form too!

    1. Thanks, Nancy. May the good news of Jesus be on our hearts and His message clear in our hearts. I'm thinking about a book form...

  5. I LOVE rhymes! This made me so happy. Also -- the meaning was spot-on. Great job, my friend!

    1. I'm glad you like it and that you recognize the truth within the rhymes. Keeping true to the meaning is probably the most time-consuming part in writing these poems, but it's the whole point. I hope God's message is clear in this fun paraphrase. Thanks!

  6. I love it. You might have a book in the making. Great way to reach a new audience with the word of God. Good job.

    1. Hi Yvonne. I hope parents will both share this with their children and enjoy it for themselves and with friends. God's Word is exciting and should produce a smile in our hearts.

  7. What a fun way to process God's Word!
    And I agree, this has the potential for a great children's book!

    1. I'm glad this is such fun. That was my intent, along with telling the truth in plain English. God's Word is not boring and it is written for our benefit. Thanks for the vote for making it a book. I am considering it.

  8. What a great idea, Stephen! And you knocked it out of the park! You certainly have a gift for this.

    1. Thank you so much, Emily. To be honest, God filled in many of those concepts and rhymes for me. I thanked Him over and over again as I wrote. He is certainly on our side when we write for Him.

  9. Stephen, these are so creative and showcase the gift the Lord has given you. And, yes, perfect for kids and the big kids in us. What a great way to summarize the content of a chapter in John and a fun way, too. I love everything about it.

    1. Yes, Karen. Here's a secret: I really wrote this for the big kids because it's hard for big kids to engage in God's Word sometimes. But I have a feeling some of them will share this with little kids, too. Either way, I hope the language is clear enough to explain some of the more confusing verses. Thank you for your kind and generous words.

  10. Stephen, this is wonderful, I have never seen anything quite like this. God has given you a wonderful gift.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Monty. May the good news of Jesus find open hearts through this post and many others written for His glory.

  11. Replies
    1. I'm glad, Marcie. I hope people young and old can enjoy it and understand God's truth a little more.

  12. Stephen, I love this! I was an elementary school teacher for 28 years. I know the kids would enjoy this retelling of the gospel of John. I pray many families and children get to read and be blessed by this gift!

    1. This is good to hear, Melissa. I tried to make this an enjoyable read with terms that didn't need a lot of explanation. I also pray many will be blessed and encouraged to accept and live the gospel.


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