John 1, a Rhyming Paraphrase

Bible opened to John chapter 1

To help ring in Christmas, I hope you enjoy this paraphrase of John 1. I wrote it in a fun meter so it might help engage the kids in your life (including the big ones). The first chapter of John introduces Jesus as the Savior for all - the Son of God, and the Messiah for which the Jews waited so long. We also get to know John the Baptist, God's chosen messenger who explained the good news of Jesus to the Jews. Read about how it all plays out...

The Gospel of John
Chapter 1 - He Who's the Word

Now, there is a He, who is also the Word.
This He who's the Word, spoke before He was heard.
He spoke before ears
Were on heads that could hear,
With nothing around,
Not even the ground.

This He who's the Word, is also the Maker,
He's with God, and is God, but no, not a faker.
He surely made all,
Like trees, short and tall.
There's nothing, for sure,
That's not made by the Word.

Now, John was a man the Maker made later,
To speak of this Word across the equator.
He spoke of a Light –
A Light that shines bright.
This Light is this He;
A great He, you'll see.

So, He is the Word, and the Maker and Light.
But who is He, though? Yes, of whom do I write?
Of whom did John speak
Each week after week?
Read on, O read more.
There're lots to explore.

This Light was a light that would help us all see;
To see who God is; yes, to see God is He.
And not just to see;
But also believe.
He's one you can trust,
And trust him, you must.

He came down to Earth, for He wants so to be
With creatures He made; to be with you and me.
The Maker we saw,
As we stood in awe -
The great Son of God,
So sweet and unflawed.

Coming with sureness, John then shouted out loud
“This one is the He I’ve been talking about!
He’s ever so gracious,
Oh, sooooo, that it’s spacious.
He’s all that is truth,
With no ounce of spoof.”

So, so much the truth, the law, He just shatters.
For when you compare, He’s really what matters.
But not just the law,
He surpasses us all.
He's great as can be,
This Word we can see.

He shows us the god, whom we've not ever seen.
He shows us directly, with nothing between.
But why did He come?
It's not just for fun.
There has to be more.
What has he in store?

But first back to John, at the Jordan, waist height,
Baptizing people who will follow the Light.
Many dip under
While others wonder.
And others just stare,
But some came to snare.

They came to trick him. Oh, that’s not very nice.
They made him think twice – yea, think twice, and think thrice.
"This may sound silly.
Who are you, really?
Now, give us the facts
Before we go back."

"Are you Messiah - He who saves and makes pure?"
"You're not even close," replied John, "That's for sure.
No, you don’t know me;
I’m no one, you see
Elijah? Not I.
No, I’m just a guy.

Quoting Isaiah, a great prophet of old.
"The Lord, He soon comes, just like it's been told.
Get ready, you hear.
All people be clear.
It's He, it's the Light,
The Maker's in sight."

Some Pharisees asked, "Why, then, do you baptize,
If you aren't Elijah, the Prophet, or Christ?"
"Now don't get me wrong.
For I'm only John.
There's better, I say.
I'm showing the way."

"The Word, who is God, and the Maker of earth,
Has been here for years. He has been here since birth.
From cute little toes
A Savior arose.
And we never guessed,
We really are blessed."

This Savior - the Savior - is better than best.
No other compares, for He outdoes the rest.
He's best by a lot,
That worthy, I'm not,
To even undo
A lace on His shoe.

The next day, John saw Him, "That's Jesus, no doubt!
This man is the Light I've been talking about.
He came here with grace -
Our sins to erase.
He came from on high.
He came here to die."

"I did not know Him. Yes, I know that sounds strange.
Until it was so, as our God did arrange.
So, just to be clear,
I'm baptizing here,
To give to the Jews
This awesome good news."

Then John said a Spirit that flew like a dove,
The Spirit of God, has come down from above.
“O, watch it,” God said,
“Rest soft on His head.
My Son, this is He,
My Son, sent by me.”

John watched the Spirit as it stayed on God’s Son.
He knew beyond doubt. Now he knew He's the One –
The One whom God chose
To give life to those
Who trust Him as Lord,
The Savior adored.

The next day John did stand with two other men.
“The Lamb of God, Look!,” John said, “Oh, look, that’s Him!”
As Jesus did pass,
The two followed fast,
And stayed until 4,
With Christ, with the Lord.

Teacher, they called Him, all throughout that great day.
And one told his brother to come, and he came.
Now, Andrew was he,
With Simon to see,
Messiah, the Lord,
Who can’t be ignored.

Christ said to Simon, “Now, this plan is my aim.
I'll call you Cephas. Yes, I just changed your name."
By definition,
He’s a foundation;
Christ laid a strong block,
For Cephas means Rock.

To Galilee next, Jesus started his way.
That town was His choice for the following day.
As He started out
On Galilee route
To Philip, you see,
He said, “Follow me.”

“We found Him,” said Philip, “Its Jesus – the One.
Yes, Jesus of Nazareth, Joseph’s dear son.”
He shouted with glee,
“Nathanael, come see.”
But all he could say,
“Naaaazareth!?  No way.”

Yet still he did come, and then out of the blue,
Christ said, “An Israelite, who’s honest and true.”
“Hey, how did you know?,”
Nathanael did glow.
“I’ve seen you,” said He,
“’Neath figs in a tree.”

Nathanael then answered, “Good teacher, I sing,
You’re surely God’s Son; yes, you’re Israel’s King!”
To this Jesus said,
“You doubted instead,
And now you’re impressed,
But that’s not my best.

For Heaven will open, and then you will see
Your special relation to God is through me.
See angels in flight,
The angels onsite.
You’ll see I’m the door
Through which they will soar.

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    1. Thank you, Deborah. I'm glad you liked it. It was one of my favorite things to write. Praise God for His clarity in the process.

  2. Stephen, I hadn't read this one yet. Love it. So creative and inspiring!

    1. Thank you, Karen. I'm glad you found it. It's hard to understand some Bible verses. I hope these rhymes help shape our imaginations as we soak up God's Word.


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