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Boarding and Deboarding Noah's Ark
The Ride of Your Life!
(Episode 1: The Story of Our Lives)

  Come with me for a ride on the world’s most famous ark: “Noah’s Ark.” The story of Noah’s Ark may seem fantastical, but it really happened. We may retell it as history, but it’s relevant today. It may feel like it’s about punishment, but it’s about deliverance. We may claim it’s only for the Jews, but it’s for everybody, including you and me. It’s the ride of our lives! Maybe we’ve heard the story enough but there is something for everybody in this limited series of 8 episodes. Get ready for a story of desperation, deliverance, patience, judgment, faith, integrity, hope, worship, obedience, approval, eternal life, denial, sin, love, and sacrifice. It is the story of our lives. The events of Noah and the Ark are recorded in Genesis 6-9 which is the basis for this series. We’ll journey from sunny skies to beyond the rainbow. But, like many series you might enjoy on TV, we’ll start at the end and then see how the story unfolded in subsequent episodes.   Episode 1: The Story of O