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John Chapter 2 and 3, A Rhyming Paraphrase

I enjoyed how my rhyming paraphrase of John 1 told the story of Jesus in vibrant yet plain language, so I had to continue rhyming John 2 and 3.  If you didn't read John 1, start there .  Then come back to read Chapters 2 and 3. I wrote all three chapters in a fun meter so it might help engage the kids in your life (including the big ones). In the second and third chapters of John, Jesus began performing miracles, explaining He is the Savior, and foretelling His resurrection. Through Him we may have eternal life. John the Baptist announced Jesus' coming in Chapter 1, and in Chapter 3 he announced His salvation. On to the rhymes and the truth about eternal life... The Gospel of John Chapter 2 - He Who's the Son A wedding occurred a couple days later. Guests one and guests all, with joy the host catered. Among those who came Was Jesus acclaimed, And men of His crew. His mother came, too. And wouldn't you know, they drank all of the wine. But watc