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Do We Value Others?
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                       Violence       Rage         Manslaughter       Murder                                     Trafficking     Slavery       Exploitation                                           Oppression             Injustice                              Defrauding            Harassment       Abuse                         Threats        Bullying            Intimidation      Slander   These are everyday terms! We know what they mean: sometimes too well. We can probably add to the list. I wish we couldn’t. God doesn’t like it and it hurts us individually and as a society. It hurts us at many levels, including spiritual.   This post offers a deeper look at Life Pursuit 1 in The Most Important Life Pursuits . Life Pursuit 1 is: Recognize that everyone is valuable . One year after COVID-19 directed us to look at others with compassion, do we value people any more than we did before? Judging by what’s going on in the world, maybe not. Do we need to be told that everyone