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Christmas is About Joy!

At Christmas time we celebrate the birth of Jesus.  It’s not only a declaration of, “It’s a boy!”  It’s the coming of a Savior – the one the Jews waited for some 2,000 years. Some of them maybe even forgot He was coming. And when He did come, they didn’t realize it because they expected a King, not a baby. But this was no ordinary baby. He was the Son of God! ↭↭↭ (This post can be read aloud to a group. It is a gospel presentation and a celebration of the birth of our Savior. If you want to share this with a group, you have my permission to read it. That’s why I wrote it. Or, feel free to make it more interactive. Ask questions. Solicit thoughts to get listeners engaged. And pray that they will understand, appreciate, and accept the Savior and His gospel.) ↭↭↭ Most of us have lived long enough to realize we’re not perfect. Sometimes we fail people. Sometimes we wrong them. And deep down inside, we know we don’t measure up to what we consider to be God’s standa

Sunshine Blogger Award 2 (and 3)

I'm happy to announce I was nominated again for this Sunshine Blogger Award , this time by 2 different fellow bloggers whom I appreciate greatly.  They are terrific writers, both dedicated to bringing the truth of God's Word into the real lives of people like us. They have done much for the sake of Christ, the gospel, and God's kingdom and I only scratch the surface of who they are here. Please v isit their sites to learn more about them and to read their fantastic blog posts. They are: Jessica Brodie  of  Shining the Light Wife, mother, and lion-walker. Yes, check out  that last fact  on her site. Here is  Jessica's post about her  Sunshine Blogger Award . Yvonne Morgan of Turning Mountains into Molehills Wife, mother, and grandmother, with one son who lives with Jesus. Here is Yvonne's post about her Sunshine Blogger Award . The  Sunshine Blogger Award  is a peer recognition for bloggers across all genres who inspire "positivity and joy.&q