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Details Beg Us to Go Deeper

God didn't simply create water. He created water that expands and contracts when the temperature changes, and sometimes it boils and freezes. He created water with surface tension such that small insects can walk and skim across it. He created water that climbs and moves along various materials through capillary action. God didn’t simply create light. He created light that carries color to our eyes. He created light with velocity and it physically travels from one point to another. He created light that can reflect off shiny surfaces, refract around objects, bend through glass and water, and offer a rainbow that delivers the promise of God to never again judge mankind with a worldwide flood. And God didn't simply create the stars of this post: the puffer fish.* He created them wtih the instinct to produce visually stunning topography on the sea floor. It's an intentional, precise topography with long term, beneficial ramifications. [Use these links to