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Why I Write, Part 2 (or, Knowing God Will Bless Our Work)

My son participated in a community-wide summer youth orchestra and concert.  During his practices I went to the gym after dropping him off.  One week when I entered the locker room to stow my gear, I noticed a man looking a bit lost.  There were other men nearby, but for some reason, he approached me and told me his lock didn’t fit on the lockers.

He’d been trying a locker with a bent padlock loop so I tested his lock on another locker…right next to my usual one.  It worked and he was pleased and thankful.
On my next visit to the gym, I noticed his lock on my favorite locker.  “Really?,” I thought.  “Of all the lockers in this room, he took mine?”  I saw him after my workout and we chatted a bit.  His name is Will.  I found out he usually exercises in a gym 15 miles south of mine, but his daughter was also in the same summer orchestra as my son.  (Still, I wondered why he chose my locker.)
The third time I saw him at the gym (using my locker), I handed him an announcement card for the su…