Good News!

Image of church on a rocky hill bearing a large cross. Text in image says: The Rock of Salvation went to the cross and the grave just like He planned. Our eternity is secure. Psalm 62:5-8

Thank you for visiting this page where
I highlight blog posts that describe
the good news Jesus offers us:

The gospel

Here you will find illustrations and explanations about what Jesus has done for us:

His sacrifice in...
  • Leaving His heavenly home for us
  • Living His life to die for us on the cross
  • Conquering death and the grave so we can have everlasting life
  • Preparing our heavenly home
God bless you as you read.

A close-up of far-away space displaying orange and white nebula and many stars

Disney's Aladdin dreamed of a whole new world as he rode that magic carpet. God can show us the world, but He may not. But He wants to give us a whole new world instead, an eternal world with Him.

Boy lying on concrete inside body outline made of red dixie cups, other boys looking but only their feet are visible

A Valentine's Day message of love to those who may be in a tough situation or a dark place.

"We don’t need to let the grip of despair or defeat drag us down. When we place our trust in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, we will be free to live with our heads up and our strides surefooted."

young boy in a beanie and ski jacket holding a giant snow ball. His mouth is open with excitement and a smile
Christmas Is About Joy! (December 2018)

Christmas is about joy because a Savior was born. Jesus came as a baby, not a King, so we can be close to Jesus who offers to have a personal relationship with us.

Doorstep with a dog's leash next to a welcome mat

Because God removed the chains that bound us to sin, we are set free to give back to Him.  We are born into a new family and a new life, and we have the privilege to bear God’s family name with honor.

Up close to a large gray stone in natural surroundings
Stone Cold Truth About the Grave, Grace, and Honor (January 2018)

Will we bury the truth of Jesus in a forever grave? He rose from His grave to offer us life.

Snow-covered shore alongside a beautiful lake with a blue sky, mountain range, and snow-frosted tree
Whiter Than Snow (December 2017)

The good news of Jesus illustrated by snowflakes.
We can be washed whiter than snow.

What is at the core of every glistening snowflake?

man receiving an award for his heroic act as a County bridge tender

The good new of Jesus' love. He never let's go.

God's loving arms illustrated by the sacrifice of a bridge tender.


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