Own the Road. It Was Paved for You.

Empty highway curving through the red mountains of Sedona, Arizona

I’m excited and honored to be a guest blogger on One Lost Coin. One Lost Coin is a blog for those who have questions about their faith – questions that really matter. It was originally created by freelance writer and digital marketer Jessie Synan. Be sure to check out her site as well.

A quick intro to my blog post…

At this stage in my life, I’m pretty confident of what God wants me to do in service for Him. At least for now. But its easy to get distracted. Ministry opportunities are everywhere, but God paved a special road for each of us. We can do other things, but does God want us to do them?

Paul said no to other ministries because he was focused on what God specially designed for him.

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  1. Great post Stephen and so true. We must keep our ministry as our main focus. And if God changes our ministry purpose then we must always follow Him. If we try to hold too tight to our ministry then we risk making it ours and not God’s. Thanks

    1. Yes, good point, Yvonne. We go all in for ministry, and continually seek God His direction so we can follow when He changes our path. The ministry is God's not ours. When we understand that, we know that God brings the people and the fruit, along with the difficulties, and the difficulties are not failures.

  2. I pray I will seek God's guidance and wisdom for my next steps. :-)

    1. I'm right there with you, Melissa. Next steps, next stops.

  3. So very true, Stephen! He has a special road just for me. It's a wonderful honor to see His next steps for me laid out.

    1. Yes, very special, Jessica. A very special road for each of us, and it's exciting when we follow His lead. God bless you on your journey.

  4. Wise words - I commented on the post. Those distractions often appear good, but they lead me away from God's best!

    1. Yes, they do, and it is often hard to discern if they are distractions from God's plan for us, or if they are inserted by God to accomplish His grander plan. Thank you for commenting on the post. I will see your comment after it is approved.


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