12 Answers that Rock this World

Book cover: Busy downtown street with people crossing the street waiting for a bus to pass.Book cover: Busy downtown street with people crossing the street waiting for a bus to pass.

12 Answers that Rock this World

Exploring the World View of Jesus
through the Concern and Curiosity of the Disciples

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"Jesus' disciples had an amazing and unique opportunity to walk with God Himself as they did life and ministry with Jesus. Stephen De La Vega's 12 Answers that Rock this World gives us a window into what it would have been like to walk in the shoes of the twelve men who lived most closely with Jesus. This study puts us into the minds of Jesus' apprentices as we wrestle with the questions that came out of their mouths as they journeyed with their Messiah. If you want to spend time with Jesus and wrestle alongside the apostles, pick up this study!"

Dr. Danny Strange, Executive Pastor
3Crosses Church, Castro Valley, California

"Stephen De La Vega unpackages who Jesus is and how His words and ways apply to today’s world in an engaging and relatable way. I loved the thought provoking questions and well organized Series Snapshot that summarizes each chapter’s main ideas, key verses and primary focus. I found the study to be thoughtful, challenging and relevant.

It’s an excellent study for small groups or anyone wanting to grow deeper in their faith and understanding."

Liz Petruzzi, Writer and Blogger for
The Christian Post, christiandevotions.us,
Parenting Special Needs Magazine & lizpetruzzi.com

About the Series

Jesus invited the 12 disciples to follow Him, to be His inner circle.  For three years they walked and talked with Him.  Jesus taught them and He explained His plan.  They witnessed firsthand His compassion, His miracles, and how He focused on His mission.

While they listened and while they watched, the disciples wondered.  They watched Jesus say and do things out of the ordinary.  He was unconventional and untraditional, yet He was always right.  They pondered His ways with amazement, and they had questions.

Matthew cites 12 of their questions in his gospel account.  They surely asked more than 12 questions, and we even see more in the other gospels, but what really matters is Jesus’ answers.  His answers tell us about people.  They help us understand people, ourselves, what we can be, and what is really important to Him.  Jesus’ answers rocked the world of the disciples, and they still rock our world today.

Topics include:  Religion, understanding Scripture, faith, forgiveness, honor, loyalty, greatness, and more.

How to Use this Book

Small Group Bible Study Leaders
Experienced and first time leaders will benefit from the Leader Guide. Experienced leaders can add to or scale back the material to suit the needs of the group. Each session is written so that first time leaders can read the material or simply refer to it and, either way, have meaningful, life-challenging discussions. Leaders should purchase only the Leader Guide because the Participant Guide contains only excerpts of the Leader Guide in addition to all of the discussion questions.

Small Group Bible Study Participants
Save some money and purchase only the Participant Guide. There is really no need to purchase the Leader Guide, but you may use the Leader Guide instead if you like reading exactly what the Leader is reading.

Those who will study on their own without a group
Purchase the Leader Guide. You can use this series as a personal devotional study book. But be sure to read the Bible references and prayerfully consider the questions. 


  1. Such a great idea for a series. This is something I think my Sunday School class would really enjoy. I pray the Lord blesses many others through your work. Thanks for following God’s prompting in your life.

    1. Thank you Yvonne. I think this would be great for a Sunday School. What age group? I led this study twice before refining it further into this published version. The session about forgiveness was probably the most vulnerable discussion time during the series. Such a tough subject. Thanks for taking a look.

  2. Your small group guides look fascinating. I love this: “(Jesus) was unconventional and untraditional, yet He was always right.” That’s what we love about him! He’s always shocking, doing the unexpected thing. Your recommendations and endorsements are full of praise. I hope your guides sell well.

    1. Hi Melinda. Going through this series actually feels like spending time in opposite world because many times what Jesus says seems so opposite to what we naturally tend toward. I hope to get some great reviews to go along with those endorsements. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Wealth of information. Love how you include different options for using the book.

    1. Thank you. The Leader Guide also has content that is in blue text, which represents what is included in the Participant Guide. So the Leader always knows at a glance what the Participants see and don't see in their guides. I try to help the leaders as much as I can. Thank you for checking out this study.

  4. Wow - in all my years of Bible study I have never thought to analysis the questions asked of Jesus by the Disciples in this way = brilliant. Thank you for sharing

    1. It was a fun and interesting exercise, for sure. Jesus was intentional with everything He said and did, so it it eye-opening to see how he fielded each question recorded in the gospel of Matthew. Comparing His answers in the other gospels helped shaped some of these sessions as well. Thank you for taking the time to check this out and to comment.

  5. Stephen, this looks intriguing. I particularly like how you said the disciples had many questions but what's important is Jesus' answers. So true.

    I remember when my kids were in middle school and high school, even college. They often were confused about the lesson or homework. They would call other classmates and discover no one really "got it" or understood what the teacher had said or taught. So when I inquired as to whether my kids or anyone raised a hand and not only told the teacher they were confused, but had also asked questions for clarity. But no one had.

    It's amazing the clarity it brings to our situations and to our life when get and understand the answers we need.

    1. Yes, kids (of all ages) are like that, right? Sometimes the disciples talked among themselves instead of asking questions. In fact, one of the sessions in this book is when Jesus answered a question the disciples directed more at the woman who honored Jesus with her perfume instead of Jesus. Maybe they didn't want to hear from Him. Jesus answered it anyway. We can understand a lot if we ask and also listen.

  6. Best wishes for your book, Stephen. I pray that it's bless your audience.

    1. Thank you, Edna. I appreciate your prayer. I'm sure God will put this in the hands of those who He wants to read it.


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