Shed on the banks of a running river with pine trees on the other bank; blue skies in the background

This is a go-to page for poetry lovers.

Here you will find blog posts that include poems and poetic writing. I hope you find it encouraging.

A Gift for Jesus (A Short Poem) (December 2019)

A poem that asks us to consider what gift we will give to Jesus at Christmas time.

River flowing away through foliage and trees with a blue, cloudy sky in the background
Drifting (A Short Poem) (August 2019)

A poem expressing an earnest struggle to be live with joy in the nearness of God (authentic Christian living).

Includes a poetic plea form a person lost in sin, unable to do anything to save himself, asking God to save him.

Bible opened to John chapter 1
John 1, A Rhyming Paraphrase (December 2017)

A Seuss lover's treat. The entire first chapter of the Gospel of John in rhythmic, rhyming meter.

You will also find hints of poetry in many of my posts, especially in these:

Stone Cold Truth About the Grave, Grace, and Honor (January 2018)

Emmanuel, God With Us ...Still (January 2018)

Whiter Than Snow (December 2017)


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