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Emotions run deep. Bias and prejudice run deep. Pain runs deep. We live in this world with people, and people often don't see eye to eye. People often do the unthinkable. Sometimes those who have authority over us are part of the problem.


How do we respond?

Here you will find all of my blog posts related to injustice. May they speak to your heart.


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Do We Value Others? (March 2021)

Do we need to be told that everyone is valuable? This post is a reflection on the value of people, how important they are to God, and what God expects of us on the matter. 

Shaking Ground (July 2020)

We have learned much during these months of fighting the coronavirus and racial injustice. We have changed and we anticipate a new normal. Let us not forget we are in a spiritual battle for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Live Justified (June 2020) 

In light of injustice we consider Jesus, who lived a righteous life but was treated and killed as a criminal. But he did this for us. Because of injustice toward Him, we can live justified, with hope of a privileged future.

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We're angry. Is it right to respond to injustice with rage and violence? Read about how Jesus responded in His anger during a scene that's often read with an air of justified rage. Also read about my own personal unjust encounter with the police.

When we understand we're in God's big picture, we allow him to lead us. But as we journey, we sometimes go off course. God, as the master painter, is ready to paint us back onto the right path as He paints us into a masterpiece.

Interior of inflatable art sculpture with people walking through multi-colored tunnels

Situations change. Sometimes they don't change in our favor. How do we respond when this happens? How do we respond when the change equates to injustice?

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Honoring Authority within God's Big Picture (Part 1)

God Paints Our Responsibilities onto the Canvas of Life

There is a bigger picture and God is the Painter. He is painting a masterpiece and He painted us in the picture. In this first part of a trilogy, we notice that God not only painted us onto the canvas. He also painted our authorities: parents, spouses, teachers, church leaders, employers, government authorities, etc. What is our responsibility toward those authorities?

Whether we realize it or not, we have biases and prejudices, and they affect how we interact with people. We can learn how to see people differently, as Jesus sees them. Let's take some time for deep personal reflection.

When we push through in our impatience, what does it really buy us? Probably nothing but debt to those we offend. Consider who we are in relation to God as we explore patience through Solomon's eyes.

Articles and studies about forgiveness are everywhere, but maybe not many of them approach it from the viewpoint of the offender. It is revolutionary to forgive for the benefit of the offender, but that is what Jesus taught.


  1. Thank you for all you do to talk about injustice and bring about unity, Stephen! I applaud you and LOVE seeing how God is using you for so much good!

    1. Thank you so much, Jessica. I was looking over my blog posts and realized that, over time, I wrote about how we as Christian should respond when we encounter unjust people and situations. May we be encouraged to focus on the gospel and furthering God's kingdom.

  2. As I scanned each article I deeply appreciateD your focus on injustice through the eyes of Jesus. He is our guide for navigating life and the injustices we see around us. If we follow his lead we will respond in ways that glorify God and live out his command to love him and all others.

    1. Yes, Anne. These posts are about how we should respond to injustice more than they are about fighting injustice. They are about being like Jesus and not about defying government that is selected by God. When we follow Jesus, all of this falls in line.


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